Nature's Gift to Luxurious Skin

Lavish Luxe Botanicals is a line of handcrafted, luxury skincare products made with natural oils, butters and responsibly sourced additives. We believe that skincare should be indulgent, not just effective.

Premium Quality

  • Natural Oils & Butters

    Soft and moisturized skin starts with a quality product. Our products use quality natural oils and butters to keep your skin nourished, balanced, and soft. Our entire line is perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy a natural, healthy looking skin.

  • Herbs & Additives

    Our product line was inspired by the healing power of natural herbs, botanicals, clays, and plant powders. Our luxurious bars of soap are made with natural and responsibly sourced additives to bring a touch of luxury to your bath experience.

  • Fragrance Oils

    Clean, fresh and natural are the words that best describe our luxurious bath and body collections. From essential oil blends to fragrance oils, our products bring a touch of class to your bathroom.

Lavish Beauty News

A blog dedicated to exploring the luxurious and nourishing world of botanical skincare and natural ingredients.

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